Friday, April 27, 2012

On redecorating other peoples' apartments on

Hello again, universe.  

I kind of regret not chronicling my travels on here, especially since I lost all my photographs from that trip (see post below regarding new DSLR camera for cruel, ironic juxtaposition), so I'm going to at least try to chronicle other (slightly) interesting things in my life from here on.

So.  Work. Both sucks and is kind of awesome.  On one hand, I love the higher-level stuff I get to do.  I love looking at the financials of some of the world's biggest companies, figuring out why they've changed, talking about elements of their business, and being taught by some incredibly bright people.

On the other hand, the small stuff really sucks.  Really.  Sifting through boxes of invoices to make sure that they match, looking at 90,000 line spreadsheets that I (mostly) don't understand, that sort of thing.  It's enough to make you want to tear your eyes out.  Especially when, like the client this week, their filing system is prehistoric.

Other than that, Dan and I might have almost maybe kind of bought an apartment.  It feels a million miles away still, especially because we're waiting on final loan approval and I've spent the last week of my life obsessing about things going wrong, wondering if we've picked the right one, fretting about strata levies, lather, rinse, repeat.  Anyway, it's a shoebox. A teeny, tiny shoebox but it's walking distance from my office, it's on the top floor of the building and has beautiful district views over inner eastern Sydney, so it doesn't feel cramped.

I've restarted my Pinterest account (, and I've been feverishly pinning all sorts of things I might like to put into this apartment which not only is not even ours yet, but is also going to put us significantly into debt, so what the fuck am I doing pinning an Eames Sofa Lounge onto my Pinterest (RRP Eleventy Million Dollars).

Anyway, if this all goes to plan I might have some news around Monday/Tuesday.  Also I have training all week next week, then I'm heading to Melbourne for work for a week.  Here's to a cruisy few weeks.