Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello, it's been a while

All of a sudden I'm feeling the size of the void left by nearly 10 years of blog posts that I erased off this blog a few years ago.  I backed them up before erasing them, but I have no idea where that backup could be anymore - possibly on my parents' network at their place, but very likely, on my old, dead fish of a Macbook which has gathered dust in the back of Dan's car for the last six months.  Most of the posts were moronic ("Oooomg school is soooo boooring"), but that was me back then and I would be fascinated to read it again.  I guess unconsciously I have known that I could never replace that history, so my motivation to write here has been lost.

Anyway.  Last time I posted was July.  That feels like a lifetime ago because so much has happened.  The firebirth that was busy season has passed, and the year is blessedly over.  I went to Bikram for the first time in a year this morning and I'm determined to get back in shape over the next few weeks that I have a break.  I haven't quite worked out how to balance work and regular life yet.  My busy season was pretty brutal in a lot of ways - long in hours and in weeks.  I had two listed clients and one immense private company that all came with their own set of challenges.  I wish (wish) I could talk about them because they - and particularly the private company - were so damn interesting.

Once busy season ended (which was really only about a month ago), I remembered again how awesome my job can be.  I've had days off, client lunches, christmas parties, lawn bowls and more free drinks than I could possibly imagine.  Ask me again in February and I'm sure I'll be back to hating it, but the last few weeks have been great.