Monday, May 02, 2011

Not feeling it.

I had a cello lesson this morning which went better than expected because I had forgotten that I had done some practice and I am my teacher's baby's second-favourite student so every week comes with bonus squeezing and a chewed-up library card.

But then the remainder of the day bordered on ruination. I went in to class, which was a waste of time. We worked on an assignment (drafting a Will for a made-up client), for which I had already printed a precedent at work. I made plans to meet a friend for lunch, who stopped returning calls and text messages between 11.00am and 7.00pm, leaving me to fume in ineffectual rage between 11.00am and 7.00pm while simultaneously being terrified she'd fallen off a cliff.

Anyway, I'm determined that this evening won't be a waste. I've practiced cello and now I'm off to tutor my Year 12 Economics kiddie. I will do my Intellectual Property assignment this evening. I will.

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