Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Me and my pets.

I open my diary and the two Jabba the Hutts living therein belch loudly, leaving trails of mucous and sticking the pages together. Comfortably housed within the diary covers, the Jabbas leer at me from May 13 knowing full well that no matter how much I ignore them, we will eventually come face-to-face.

Oh yes, Intellectual Property, I will vanquish those assignments. Your sweaty twin Jabba the Hutts.

Seven is the number of assessable items I have left at law school - six, if you don't count the participation mark for Advocacy. After three years, that's almost countable on one hand. This time three years ago I had almost finished an Economics degree and couldn't possibly have imagined what would come next.

I'd love to sound all glowing and rosy-cheeked about my last few weeks of law school, about clutching books to my breast and just soaking up all that learning, but that would be a lie. I have never been less dedicated, less willing to be there, than over the last ten weeks. A lot of it comes with having a job lined up, but I'm also just over it. It's time to be a real person now.

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