Saturday, May 19, 2012

Help, I'm drowning in Etsy!

The combination of Etsy and one-click Paypal purchasing is a dangerous one, Internet.  I basically did absolutely nothing at work yesterday, except for browsing unusual and interesting homewares.

I ended up getting this cushion cover, mostly because I just kept clicking 'next' on the purchasing screens and there was nobody to tell me to stop (I think I need adult supervision sometimes...):

It's a tea-towel from the 1967 Montréal World's Fair, recycled into a cushion cover.  The colours aren't necessarily in whatever scheme we're going to have going at the apartment, but I liked the Montréal connection and the hipster in me can't resist something old and weird turned into something new.

Today, Dan and I drove up to The Entrance to pick up a kitchen knife that we'd forgotten up there when we stayed over Easter.  It was a relatively expensive knife so it was worth the hour-and-a-half round trip.  The Entrance is full of weird junk stores, so we stopped into a few of them to see if there was anything worth picking up.  I found a little ceramic inkpot from the 1800s that I would have liked, but I ended up leaving it behind because there's only so many ceramic and glass decorative objects you can have in one tiny apartment and I already have way too many.  Plus, when I moved into our current place I rapidly boxed up all his Mum's china figurines and Swarovski animals and declared I would not live in a house filled with pointless ceramic shit.

Now for a night on the couch.  After a week working in Melbourne and an overnight trip to Brisbane for the same client over the last two weeks, I'm stoked just to be home.

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