Friday, June 08, 2012

Want ALL the things!

So, the status with the house is that the bank is ready to settle, the lawyers are lining up on the starting blocks and we're waiting for the First Home Owner Grant.  True to my style, we had to sign all our documents twice because we signed them the first time in green pen (apparently a no-no, and something I should remember from law school?).  Also had to spend three days getting all sorts of additional documents photocopied and certified, because we didn't realise they were necessary.

I'm unable to get anything right the goddamn first time, is the lesson to be learned here.

Hopefully the wheels are, at last, set irreversibly in motion and come the 25th, we'll be feverishly painting the place.

Today I have an exam (Financial Accounting 1) that I am desperately understudied for.  Something about full-time work just doesn't make me want to come home and jump into the books.  I have no idea how I'm going to cope once it gets more challenging than Financial Accounting 1.

So! Instead, I'm triangulating the size of the fridge in the new place, using the shitty real-estate agent floor plan, the pictures from the online ad for the place, and the fact that I recognise an 86cm high FAKTUM cabinet from Ikea when I see one.  I've deduced that the fridge currently in there is this incredibly inconveniently sized LG number - 

It has the misfortune of being very tall (1700ish mm) and very narrow, and there are cabinets above it, so we're pretty much going to have to find something exactly that size.  I've not decided what, yet, but I should probably get onto that if we want to have a fridge at some point in the next six months.

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