Sunday, June 24, 2012


This week has been pretty hellish, with very little time to do fun things like pick paint colours or sand down the dining table.  I know that in the grand scheme of Hours-Late-That-People-Have-Worked, working from 7.30am until 9.45pm is not really that late, but it's the first time in this job that I've had to stay back to finish stuff until such hours, and Internet, it's hard.  This client should be an interesting, fascinating and a straight-up cool client to work for, but a combination of shitty factors have made it the client from hell, where nothing goes as it should and everything takes three days longer than bargained for (not the people though - the people are pretty awesome).

Plus, our busy period is just about to kick off as the financial year comes to an end, so it sucks knowing that there's only going to be more of this for the next couple of months.  

This weekend has been semi-relaxing though, which has been nice.  We had the final inspection for our place yesterday, ready for settlement tomorrow afternoon.  It's weird to see the place empty, after looking at the same pictures for the last eight weeks with the same furnishings in each picture - 

There were a few dings in the wall, but nothing that some spackle (holy hell do I love a good spackling..) and a coat of paint won't fix.  We dropped a cool $400 on paint and associated accoutrements at Bunnings yesterday which was a bit of a financial jab in the side, but the current colour is pretty drab (see above) and a fresh coat of white paint will make the whole place a lot brighter (and bring out the awesome polished concrete floors).  I'm sure we could have spent a lot less yesterday as well, but on advice from my father, paint was not the place to try to save money.

Just looking at that picture above makes me think that maybe we should paint those black window frames as well...

My plan for a fabulous grey bathroom has been somewhat derailed as well since I learned that there's only 40cm of wall between the top of the tiles and the start of the ceiling, so painting it grey will just make for a weird and slightly thick stripe around the wall.  I still want something kooky in the bathroom, but it's back to the drawing board on that one for now.

I attacked the dining table again this afternoon with the sander and it's looking almost ready to go.  The tabletop is pretty much done and I gave it a first coat of varnish - using Cabot's Cabothane Clear - this afternoon.

It's a pretty dinged up old table, but it should come good!  The little pot of varnish cost almost as much as the table itself ($30 / $50), but even taking that into account, the total cost of our dining table won't crack a hundred bucks.  I'm pretty stoked.

Well, this is it.  Settlement tomorrow at 2.00pm.  See you on the other side!

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