Saturday, June 16, 2012


Oh my god y'all.  Every time I think about it I make little fists and squeeze my eyes shut and do that nngghghhhhyygghg noise because I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT MOVING.  

Let me count the ways.

1. The dishwasher.  Once upon a time, when I was an idiot who didn't know better, I used to complain about emptying the dishwasher.  Nevermore.  I love our dishwasher already and we haven't even been introduced properly.

2. The lovely little balcony with a nice aspect over the rooftops of inner-Eastern Sydney.  Our current apartment on the North Shore has a leafy view, but the balcony is filled with potted plants, kitty litter boxes and all sorts of other claptrap that belongs to Dan's mum and we can't get rid of it, which means we almost never sit out there.

3. The polished concrete floors.  So minimalist, so bauhaus, form und funktion, etc.  Mostly they'll just be easy as shit to keep clean.

4. The walls that I am going to paint.  Presently a dull kind of beige, which, with the chocolate brown kitchen cabinets (would not be my first choice but beh) makes the whole place a little beigey themed.  Walls are gonna be white.  Except for the bathroom which I am going to paint a dark gunmetal grey because I'm hopelessly on-trend.  The vision is kind of like this:

Except about 1/8th the size.

5. The new dining table that we just collected from a junk store in the greater Illawarra.  We bought a dining table for the princely sum of $50 while we were camping near Thirroul over last weekend.  We left it there for the week while we tried to figure out a way to get it back to Sydney, since it wasn't going to fit into our small hatchback.  Turns out it would just fit into the back of my parents' Volkswagen Golf (a surprisingly roomy vehicle), so we drove down this morning to pick it up.  It's not in altogether terrible condition - just needs a good wash and a full-body rub with some beeswax.  Will get some progress shots together!

I absolutely cannot wait.  Work is going to be rough until then as well, so it's excellent to have the apartment (and associated moving-related days off) to look forward to.  The client that I'm on has taken up all the time that I previously had free at work, spreading its little tendrils through my firm's booking system and chewing through hours like nothing else.  It's going to be a fascinating, fascinating week -  a household name client with a shitload of stuff happening in the media, so it's been great to be on the inside of some of it.  But my hours are going to be punishing, both now, and after June year-end.

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