Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moving Treats

There is now a little corner of our present living room that looks like this:

The KitchenAid was my birthday gift, way back in February, from my parents.  It's stood more or less unopened since then, because I decided that it deserved a proper, ceremonial unveiling in a brand new apartment and I desperately didn't want it to get dirty in our current kitchen (which I dislike intensely and which is impossible to clean)

The TV is Dan's.  I say that, because were it up to me I wouldn't even have a television in the new place, let alone one that cost waaaaaay more than I would be willing to pay for a television.  Anyway, JB HiFi were doing 10% off televisions over the weekend and the man took another 5% off the advertised price anyway, so I suppose it could have been far worse.  So that's Dan's shiny box that's also waiting for its proper ceremonial unveiling.  I think we're both equally excited.

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