Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Front loading victory

Whee, the washing machine has been purchased and scheduled for delivery on June 29!

We ended up going with this entry-level Bosch, from Appliances Online:

I was pretty certain I wanted a Bosch front loader washer after Choice Magazine rated them 3rd best in their testing.  Only Miele and Asko rated higher, and both their ranges go for $1,300+ which is way over what I was hoping to spend.  The Bosch washer retails for about $700, but Appliances Online was doing it for $577 with free delivery and installation.  Easily the best deal out there.  I tried to play hard ball with a couple of brick-and-mortar retailers, but Bing Lee quoted $570 + $45 delivery, and the man at The Good Guys looked incredulous when I asked if he could price match.  As I found out when I bought my Canon DSLR, you can't just go around in circles until you get it for free.

I can't say washing machines are a very exciting purchase, but the heaving piece of shit in our current apartment has me pretty stoked to be able to wash my clothes without them coming out smelling like ass half the time.  

In slightly ghetto redecorating news, I've decided that I'd like an ottoman for the new place, preferably with storage and preferably upholstered in some kind of trendy fabric.  I'm unwilling to fork out the cash necessary for this though, so Dan came up with a genius idea that I would desperately like to try straight away tomorrow.

This ugly-ass mofo retails for $17.99 at Officeworks:

Covered in nasty PVC, no doubt.  I'm going to find some sexy printed fabric and re-upholster that baby with a staple gun!  I'm picturing something orange/yellowish, possibly vaguely geometrical.  Like this:

Aww, yeah.

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